April 26, 2018

Los Angeles: Home of Movie Stars, Sunshine and the Dorian Media Group

(Los Angeles) When you think of Los Angeles you think of Hollywood, movie stars, sea and sun. You don’t usually conjure up visions of elegant media companies like The Dorian Media Group. Founded by Evan Dorian, The Dorian Media Group is one of the elite media companies in Southern California. They offer an array of services ranging from video production and web development to commercial photography and social media marketing. Their client list is as sophisticated as their work, featuring jewelers, fashion houses, and corporations large and small based in Europe and California. Unlike many marketing firms that promote content without actually creating it, The Dorian Media Group creates organic…

April 23, 2018

New Character Posters for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Revealed

The graphics are stunning. The texts are tantalizing! Meet the new character posters for “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, up for release across the globe on May 25, 2018. Coming Soon.net reported on the story. Industry analyst Peter Goranites comments on the new posters: “Posters are kind of an old-fashioned way for studios to promote their films. The new Solo posters are both a nod to nostalgia with their graphics and a way to generate hype for the upcoming film. They are colorful without being garish and are an excellent way to pay homage to the Star Wars universe.”