October 31, 2018

How the Stars Keep Fit and Trim in the Cold Winter Months

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During the warmer seasons, it’s common to see exercisers going for runs in the parks, or doing their stretches in the front yard. As we approach the colder months of the year, this grows a little more difficult. For many, bundling up to do their usual exercise routines isn’t exactly ideal. For runners, snow and ice can interrupt their usual path (and even result in injury, if they slip.)


Our favorite celebrities have trainers to guide their workouts as the colder months close in, but many of us don’t have that luxury.



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“The only thing that separates normal people from celebrities when it comes to fitness, is access to resources,” expert Brandon Bell says. “Many celebrities invest a lot of money into their fitness routines, but there are things the average person on a budget can do to achieve similar results.”


We all have access to the internet. While internet access doesn’t exactly make up for millions of dollars, it allows us to find tips celebrities use to stay in shape in the midst of their hectic lives. Here are a few to consider this winter.


Join a gym


While exercising outside is a free resource, the colder months can make that resource not as easily accessable. Reality TV-star and house-flipper, Christina El Moussa, says that it’s having a gym membership that really helps her stay in shape. If the weather isn’t exactly perfect, it doesn’t effect work-out plans. Having a variety of work-out options on the gym floor promotes a variety of work-out plans, which is something that keeps gym-goers active.


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El Moussa is a member of Orange Theory, whose basic prices start at $59, but you don’t need to go to the exact same gym to yield the same results. YouFit might be a better fit for those with tighter purse-strings, as memberships start at $10. Different prices of memberships include different things, however, so consider that before signing up.


Cardio, Cardio, Cardio!


Kate Hudson is an advocate of cardio-work. The actress frequently practices pilates and yoga to get her blood pumping, and when she wants something a little more fun, she dances. Those that dance for exercise often report that it doesn’t even feel like exercise—it just feels like fun, and it certainly works up a sweat. Adding weights into the mix makes whatever dance routine you’re practicing a little more challenging.


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To do pilates, yoga, and dancing, you don’t need a gym membership or a studio space. You don’t even have to leave your house. There are plenty of inexpensive DVDs to follow, as well as totally free YouTube tutorials. Plenty of YouTube channels are devoted to providing their audience unique exercise routines every video, keeping your practice fresh and exciting.


Keep track of your progress


Some people are very visual learners. They can exercise several times a week, but if they don’t see physical results, they won’t feel motivated to continue. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how hard you work out— when you step on the scale, the numbers haven’t changed. That can be frustrating.


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This is part of the reason why Reese Witherspoon keeps a journal that tracks her exercise performance. It allows you to actually see just how much you’ve progressed in your fitness journey. Perhaps on Monday, you could only do 10 crunches, but by Wednesday, you can do 15. Seeing changes, no matter how small, truly make a difference. A fitness journal is also a great place to keep track of your eating habits, which promotes a healthier diet.


Medical weight loss assistance


This is a secret that many invest in, but don’t talk about, when in fact it should be celebrated. Many celebrities try again and again to shed their stubborn weight, and struggle. This is where medical weight loss doctors come in. Weight loss doctors help their patients achieve their ideal body through procedures such as liposuction or cool-sculpting. These procedures produce results, but often have attached downtime that many can’t afford to waste.


What often turns out to be the most helpful, is weight loss supplements. Take, for instance, the Serotonin Plus Weight Loss Program developed by Dr. Dale Eubank. The Serotonin Plus supplement is simply what the name implies—a serotonin supplement that targets cravings for carbs, sugary desserts, and overeating. With an individualized program of diet and exercise, the Serotonin Plus Program has been proven to not only help patients lose an average of 30 pounds in 12 weeks, but keep that weight off.




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I had tried all kinds of programs and nothing seemed to work,” one client says. “With Serotonin Formula, I followed the program and diet plan, as well as, began to exercise every day and the weight came off.


The beauty of the supplement is that it is non-invasive and safe. The client is putting a natural chemical in their body that positively impacts their brain chemistry and promotes the results they have always been looking for. When regular diet and exercise don’t work, medical weight loss is a great alternative.


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