April 26, 2018

Los Angeles: Home of Movie Stars, Sunshine and the Dorian Media Group

(Los Angeles)

When you think of Los Angeles you think of Hollywood, movie stars, sea and sun. You don’t usually conjure up visions of elegant media companies like The Dorian Media Group. Founded by Evan Dorian, The Dorian Media Group is one of the elite media companies in Southern California. They offer an array of services ranging from video production and web development to commercial photography and social media marketing. Their client list is as sophisticated as their work, featuring jewelers, fashion houses, and corporations large and small based in Europe and California.

Unlike many marketing firms that promote content without actually creating it, The Dorian Media Group creates organic projects from concept to design and beyond. Their creative team consists of photographers, graphic designers, web builders and writers who conceive projects dedicated to promoting client brands beyond the predictable channels.

Since they are a true media company, The Dorian Media Group provides scalable marketing across multiple digital and analog channels for their companies.

Founder and President Evan Dorian explains this concept:

“We created a team of visionaries and engineers who oversee client projects from the ground up and beyond. Every time we take a project on we begin with a client profile and envisioning what the client desires at its most successful. From there we create cross-pollinated logos, graphics and videos to interfuse the concepts into one consistent package across social media, web and television platforms.”


With clientele that is keen on image-making and the all important understanding of status and originality, it’s now wonder that The Dorian Media Group has grown to become the elite firm of the Los Angeles area.


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